Top 7 Best Alignment Sticks For Golf Reviewed

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As a passionate coach and golf equipment review writer here at Golf or Nothing, I want to keen to your quest for an honest recommendation on the best alignment sticks for golf.

This page you’re reading is my honest review/recommendation of the best golf alignment sticks, explaining their important features and the impact they can create in your golf course.

Here at “Golf or Nothing”, we always, when recommending golf equipment, like Drivers, Disc Golf Shoes, Golf alignment sticks; we pay thorough attention to criteria such as features, benefits, pros and cons, we strive to answer some bothering frequently asked questions our readers may need answers to. So stay on the loop.

Our Top Pick
SKLZ Golf alignment stick image

#1. SKLZ Golf Alignment Sticks Training Aid.

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Most Portable
callaway best alignment sticks

#2. Callaway Alignment Sticks Swing Training Aid

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Most Durable

#3. Gosports Golf Alignment Stick

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Need to know exactly what is alignment stick for golf? These are long lightweight rod usually 44, 46 and 48 inches long, that can be placed on the ground to provide a visual reference/feedback for golfers to help point out their areas of improvement in direct-shooting. It also helps align their feet and shoulders.

The sticks are made of lightweight fiberglass or plastic materials, and are often used during golf practice session rather than the main golf course or competition.

5 Best Alignment Sticks  For Golf Reviewed

Our Top Pick
SKLZ Golf alignment stick image

#1. SKLZ Golf Alignment Sticks Training Aid.

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This golf alignment training aid carries our #1. pick for the best alignment sticks for golf.

The SKLZ is a very popular tool among tool among golfers which help them practice various key aspects of their game. It can help players improve their swing and accuracy on the golf training course.

They are made of flexible fiberglass, designed to withstand the hit on a golf club.

Why we like it
SKLZ just like callaway and Taylormade is another popular company that over the decades has contributed her quota to the golf equipment sector of the industry. Their alignment sticks for golf comprise of 3 rods with 9 rings to help you practice ball position and striking.

They also have rubber grips at the rod’s end that helps players place them on the ground for better swing experience.

Pros of SKLZ Alignment Sticks

  • Made of durable lightweight fiberglass

  • Best to be used on full swing short

  • Can be setup easily for swing plane work


Does not come with users instruction kit, but information can be found online.

#2. Callaway Alignment Stix Golf Swing Trainer


The callaway alignment stick for golf can help maximize your practice range and putting green. It can also be setup in varieties of ways to help improve your alignment and golf swing path.

The plastic-made lightweight callaway alignment sticks for golf include 2 yellow rods of 48 inches long when wholly expanded.

Key Features of Callaway Alignment Stix

  • Very high quality lightweight plastic

  • 48inches long when expanded

  • Comes with stock chord construction that lets them collapse into 19inches inches storage tube.

  • Comes in pair of two

  • Has rubber covers on one end

# 3. Gosport Golf Alignment Training Sticks


Key Features

  • Fold-able for ease of storage

  • 3 rods pack

  • Can be extended to 48inches long

  • Comes in one bright color for visual benefits

  • Good for practicing putting stroke

This fantastic set of 3 foldable rods can assist you improve in posture, alignment, and swing plane. Unlike the SKLZ, golf alignment sticks, the gosport aid can be folded for simple storage, and be extended up to the length 48inches when used.

Each of these rods has pointed end that can be stuck to the ground for workout training that involves swing plane and weight shifting.

#4. Tour Sticks Golf Alignment Training Aid


Key Features

  • Fade resistance UV coast

  • 46inches

  • Multiple color choices

Tour sticks golf alignment aid is arguably one of the first alignment sticks in the golf industry, which offer incredibly best user experience and reliability till date.

Thee kit comes with 2 46inches UV-coated rods that enhance fade resistance. They have varieties of colors to keen on, depending on your tastes and desires.

The rods are flexible to practice on, and are durable too. With tour alignment sticks for golf, players can improve their game using them, as they have very many different ways of utilizing the sticks.

#5. Shaun Web Golf Alignment Sticks


Key Features

  • Three alignment rods

  • Has storage tube

  • Made with rigid fiberglass

These golf alignment sticks are one of the best alignment training aids of the golf industry in considering high quality. The sticks are single-handedly produced by a field specialist ‘Shaun’ who has trained hundreds of thousands students in golfing.

He (Shaun) created this finest and high quality training tool to assist his students and other golfers, and to replace training sticks that lack the demanded design necessities.

This particular alignment stick for golf is made from rigid fiberglass. A set of it includes 3 alignment rods that aid you in practicing several aspects of your swing simultaneously. It also comes with a storage tube for easy organization of the rods.

Final Verdict on Best Alignment Sticks For Golf

These 5 best alignment sticks for golf reviewed are our top pick as at the time of writing this review. They are all adaptable, reasonably priced and capable of helping you improve on your golf course when you consistently practice every aspect of your game with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Alignment sticks are long, thin, and lightweight rods that golfers use to help improve their swing mechanics and alignment on training course. They can help you develop proper swing plane, clubface alignment, and foot and ball positioning.

While any straight stick can technically be used as an alignment aid, it’s best to invest in a set of golf-specific alignment sticks. These sticks are designed with the needs of golfers in mind and are often more durable and versatile than other types of sticks.

Consider their durability, ease of use, and versatility. It’s therefore advisable you source for sticks that are made from high-quality materials and are lightweight.

The best and most popular Alignment sticks for golf include the SKLZ Golf Alignment Stick, the Callaway Alignment Stix, These sticks are all highly durable and easy to use.

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