Best Blade Putters 2024

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In this review, we’ll explore the best blade putters of all time, ideally for low to high handicappers. The most workable blade putter since 2021 goes to the popular titleist scotty cameroon special putter. Raw 2022 tournament confirmed the Bettiard studio stock 28 as offering the same feel, feedback, and control like the odyssey which are known for feel and feedback.

Best Overall
blade putter product image

Titleist Cameroon Special Putter

Best in Class
odyssey white - one of the best blade putters of all time

Odyssey White Hot OG Putter

Facts About The Best Blade Putters Of All Time

Most ancient type of golf putter: Blade putter is the first putter that existed since the existence of golf game. It’s a lightweight putter with a clubhead shape and design that look like a blade. Blade putters are mostly used by pro golfers, likes of Tiger wood, harry Hig etc. Alternatively, use mallet putters to improve if you do not trust your putting stability.

Price: Blade putters are however much expensive than mallet putters. But they are assets worth investing on. Tiger woods spent up to $350,000 on a blade putter he’s been using since time, not until he recently play 2021 and 2022 raw golf tournament with a new less-budget putter.

Blade Putter Style: After my testing of the clubs under this category, I found out that blade putters are not as workable as mallet putters. A catch with PXG Dagger C+ battle ready RH putters how gave a different feel among them. And it has a smallest blade-like shape that makes shot on target to be more pricey and accurate. And not recommended for beginners per say.

Blade putter is a lighter putting club designed mostly for golfers with slower putting green and smoother tempos.

8 Best Blade Putters Style 2023

Scotty Titleist Cameroon Special

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What We Like

  • Classic stainless steel that makes it a durable clubs to invest on.

  • Tried and true performance-ability.

  • Features a tungsten sole weight for improved stability and feel.

Golfornothing’s Review: The Titleist Cameroon Special Putter is undoubtedly the best rated blade putter for performance, stability and durability. It has all the important and premium features and slugs youd expect of a the best blade putter of all time.

The club is made of great and outstanding solid stainless steel which makes it a durable club; the shaft is best for feel. During out testing, and hitting with this club, we noticed a great stability too. It also features a tungsten sole weighting mechanism, for added stability, club weight distribution, spin and ball speed.

Moreover, if I was the manufacturer, I would bring out a new model with ability to control distance, thatll replace the Scotty Titleist Cameroon 2022 Released special Putter.

Odyssey White Hot OG Putter

odyssey white - one of the best blade putters of all time

Odyssey is not a new name in the golf equipment industry. Mentioning blade putter specifically, the golf white OG putter is one of the best names that pop up in search engine ranking pages if searched for the best blade Putters of all time.

Golfornothing equipment test crew: While testing the odyssey golf putters, I discovered this model with a stroke Lab Gen3 shaft-inclusive the white hot OG putter by Odyssey. The Lab Gen3 shaft was previously featured on Toulen Design San Diego.

In the pace of accuracy, and your putting stroke, the shaft makes a huge difference. Its a promising and recommended club to invest on while getting up and plan your next golf course and tournament. Pro golfer David Lipsky won his first remarkable journey practicing with this putter.

PXG Dagger Battle-Ready C+ Putter

What we like

  • Unique design that looks easy to the eye.

  • Premium version heel and center shaft for added durability and feel.

  • Zero offset and two dots alignment line that helps on accurate, and straighter target and shot.

The founder of this putter “Bob Parson’s” live broadcast of his irons and drivers on major commercial TVs seemed overhypes at first. But after carrying out our research and club testing procedures, we confirmed that his putters are one of the most used golf clubs that make the pro and tour golfers  like Zach johnson, Eric Cole and PGA player ‘Christian Kim’ 

Golf or nothing’s verdict: After testing this model, we can recommend it. It’s a premium golf tool, which its heel shaft and center shaft are Crafted from quality materials for better feel and durability.

If you need s blade putter that’s easy to use, and need to align to the target, you should know the PXG Dagger battle-ready putter is your best option to switch to.

Gosport Classic Golf Putter

What We Like

  • I personally like the milled alloy face that provides maximum forgiveness on pure roll.

  • Anti-slip pistol grip for improved comfort on the green.

  • Its running on affordable price for now.

The Gosport Classic Golf blade blade putter is one of the most wanted blade Putters of all time. The clubs grip features a premium milled alloy face and a pure roll technology. It also features anti-slip pistol grip, which adds to feel and comfort on the green.

What I say about this club

Its s true definition of a traditional golf putter with 0° offset and 30° loft angle, which is ideally recommended for right handed golfers. If you are in search for a premium golf putter with premium features at affordable price, check out this Gosport classic Golf Blade Putter.

Intech Trakker 4-Blade Putter

What We Like

  • Accuracy and enhanced heel and toe-weighting mechanism.

  • Feel, muted sound and soft face insert.

  • White sight line that improves alignment.

The trakker 4-blade putter, 35” putter by intech is another amazing and workable blade putter recommended for golfers of all skill levels too. It’s designed with improved accuracy in mind. It enhances heel and toe-weighting technique with its soft face insert. It also provides an improved alignment and plumbers neck hosel that ensures your hands are ahead the shaft at impact.

The white line you can spot provides additional alignment and excellent focus of your ball on swing, making sure you hit on the target center. My recommendation is, if you need an affordable, golf club with reasonable amount of accuracy, the Intech trakker 4 blade putter can be a better choice.

Possot Golf CNC-Milled Putter

What We Like

  • Durability, forgiveness and performance.

  • Super-maximum control and weight balancing and alignment aid.

  • Larger sweet spot that provides excellent shot on target, resistance to twisting, better speed and spin control.

Golfornothing test verdict: The POSSOT CNC Milled premium putter is a recommended putter. Its the best deal for both professional and high handicap golfers searching for forgiving blade Putters. The putter features a slight larger sweet spot that offers speed and resistance to twisting.

The four way sole balancing mechanism of this putter was found in the Scotty Titleist Cameroon Special Putter. It provides optimal control and balance on mishot. It also features an alignment that provides adequate accuracy on target short.

If you’re searching for a durable putter that suits your playing style, consider the Possot milled face blade putter. It’ made with high quality stainless steel and 100% CNC pure milled carbon material, yet its still affordable.

Orlimar Tangent T2 Red Blade Putter

What we like

  • High quality and outstanding design.

  • High quality optic red design with bicolor sighline for enhanced striking.

  • Durability

The Orlimar Golf Tangent T2 Red Blade Putter features a classic plumbers neck blade design; a high optic red paint design that makes the putter an outstanding spec.

The club is made with a white-precision milled aluminum face, featuring contrasting bicolor sighline that makes your aim and focus at the target line more accurate.

Gosport GS1 Tour Golf Putter

What We Like

  • Premium but affordable.

  • Textured fat grip that maximize hand rotation, hook and slice.

  • Padded head cover for protecting against damage.

The Gosport GS1 Tour Golf Putter is one best blade Putters reviewed and ranked by Golfornothing Review Experts during this time.

There are irons and clubs for left-handed and right-handed golfers to choose from. It features a stainless steel head and with a mild face that helps promote contact and face roll off. The weight is about 1.53 pounds weight which is ideal for golfers with slower swing speed. The grip helps minimize hook and slice, hand rotation, increase stroke and accuracy while on the green.

Added to its promising durability, it comes with a padded protection cover to protect the club from damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blade putters are known for feel, feedback and control on the green.

If you’re looking for a more forgiving blade putter, check out the Gosport Classic blade putter that offers maximum forgiveness on pure roll.

Yes. very many pro golfers like Zach johnson, Eric Cole and PGA player ‘Christian Kim’ use blade putters, specifically the PXG Dagger Battle-Ready Blade Putter.

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