2023 TaylorMade P770 Irons Review & Alternatives

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Taylormade had from 2019 established the best performing iron sets for both the mid to low handicap golfers. This 2023 TaylorMade P770 irons is a typical example of the most used game-improvement irons for mid-handicap golfers.

2023 Taylormade P770 Iron

Best Game-Improvement Iron
2023 taylormade P770 irons product image,

TaylorMade P770 Iron

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Before the release of this game-improvement set of iron ‘the 2033 P770 irons’, I’ve been relying on the Taylormade 2021 P790 irons which however limited my experience then. Yeah, it’s not that workable like the 2023 P770 spec. This is because the P790 is an advanced type of golf players-distance iron. While the latest 2023 taylormade iron represent a game-improvement types of iron.

Read our detailed comparison and difference between a players-distance iron and game-improvement iron for a clearer understanding of which club to switch to.

2023 Taylormade P770 Technology

  • Thru-Slot Speed Pocket: The thru slot pocket found in some advanced clubs helps improve the ball speed and also offer more forgiveness on thinned or mis-shots.
  • Compact Player Shaping: This device is designed to bring more visual experience. The irons are so compacted, thinner top line, smaller-shaped face and offset.
  • Forged hollow body shape construction: It features a hollow body shape that generates more energy for the ball, for added distance.
  • Speed foam: This speed foam improves feel and feedback.
  • Progressive inverted cone technology(PICT): This is designed to improve accuracy, and forgiveness on mis-hits region thus, requiring no power. Very useful for low swing speed players.

What I Love About This Iron (Pros)


The P770 irons are long for their size. I was able to hit my 7-iron about 180 yards, which is quite impressive for a game-improvement iron


Even though the 2023 TaylorMade P770 irons were designed to be more forgiving, they are still very workable. You could just hit a variety of shots with them, including draws, fades, and high shots.


The ball spin offered by this set of irons are impressively adequate for control and stopping power.


The Taylormade P770 irons are very forgiving, even on off-center strikes. During my club testing and fitting, I was able to hit some shots that I thought were not going to be impressive. But trust me, almost all my shots came off pretty well.


The sound of the P770 irons is very satisfying. It’s a solid, clicky sound that makes you feel like you’ve hit a good shot.

Shaft Feel

The Project X Rifle shafts that come standard with the P770 irons feel great. They’re not too stiff, but they still provide good feedback.

Launch Angle

The P770 irons launch the ball very high, which is great for golfers who struggle to get the ball up in the air.

Issues I've Encountered (Cons)


The P770 irons are not extensively adjustable, which can be a drawback for some golfers in certain playing conditions.

2023 Taylormade P770 Iron

Best Game-Improvement Iron
2023 taylormade P770 irons product image,

TaylorMade P770 Iron

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Taylormade P770 Irons: Why You Should Choose This Club?

Your reason maybe different from mine though. But in my own case, I love distance iron as well as game-improvement irons, and was eagerly researching on the best for my style and skill set. I found out that the advanced-technology taylormade game-improvement iron ‘the 2023 P770 irons spec’ are more forgiving, and at the same time offers the best of distance. If this is what you’re looking for, this iron is your top choice.

It’s small head shape and design that cuts smoothly through the turf is an added admiration.

Where to Buy Taylormade P770 Irons Online

The TaylorMade P770 irons are available for purchase at most major golf retailers. The easiest method and shop You can purchase them is amazon online marketplace or the TaylorMade’s website.

Taylormade 2023 P770 Irons Alternatives

Taylormade Stealth Iron

Alternative 1

Callaway Rough ST Max Irons

Alternative 2

Cobra Radspeed Iron Set

Alternative 3 | speed iron

PING G425 Iron Set

Alternative 4 | best of price

Frequently Asked Questions

Not really, the irons are for mid-handicap golfers seeking more control, distance and improvement to their ball flight. And every aspect where they need to improve. If you’re one, give it a try.

The P770s are getting easier to hit and with improved looks. I would suggest that even if you are a Mizuno or Titleist fan the 2023 TaylorMade P770s are worth a try.

The price range for the Taylormade 2023 P770 Irons may vary depending on the bidding of different retailer. I’ll suggest you check the price via Amazon.

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